We worked on hundreds use cases with +50 international customers to develop MY LUCIO to succeed large scale IoT projects.
Thanks to this collaboration, Lucio drafts specifications for its powerful operating system.

Thanks to this collaborative project, we can offer a complete solution which meets the needs and requirements of the indusrial IoT market.



1. PACK MY LUCIO : Reusable Software Component-base Framework

An advanced architecture that resides in objects oriented model in C language to get a better abstraction and flexibility in implementation. This solution enables full application portability regardless on independant hardware architectures. This solution comes with a catalogue of drivers and advanced middleware.

2. PACK LUCIO SCAP-LTP : Global Roaming & Cybersecurity for IoT applications

An independent library that breaks technical barriers of global roaming and permits with the shared intelligence power to save devices energy consumption and reduce total cost or ownership.

3. PACKS IOT CONSULTING SERVICES : Expertise & Software Solutions

Save time and effort by consulting our team expert in IoT and developments.


From our standard, we have the capability to answer your specifics requests. Please contact us.