How to develop a secured IoT application in an easy and efficient way that would fulfill industrial expectation?

EGOS’s mission is to relieve its users in their development work. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive and easy-to-use integrated IoT pack for embedded systems to accelerate and secure IoT projects for our partners.

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EGOS : Our Integrated IoT Solution

EGOS is the superhero of the industrial Internet of Things developed with a Safe & Secure “by design” approach. Its complete set of drivers enables to overcome hardware limits where its libraries make IoT application development easier.


100% Made in France

4 years of development have gone into our solution


MISRA Compliant

CSPN & SIL3 specification integrated from the first line of code.


Complete and intuitive Framework

Our features are well specified and structured

A complete set of features which halves the time-to-market for a new IoT project development!

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Our superhero’s advantages:

  • End-to-End security
  • Intuitive
  • Independence
  • European ecosystem
  • Shared adventure

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EGOS-K, a technologic Hybrid Kernel

EGOS-K, our superhero’s heart, belongs the new breed of operating systems. Entirely made in france and French Tech certified, our hybrid kernel (micro/exo-kernel) breaks with the conventional RTOS. Its architecture has been designed with one aim in mind: To build au superhero, The Captain Europe of the IoT world !



A community to grow EGOS features

It’s time to open EGOS to the world, and take its first flight to create its partner ecosystem, with future associates which will help him to overcome evil (or overcome IOT project development difficulties).

If you want to take part of the IoT League and participate to this adventure, join us!

« One day, I thought I would be able to develop IoT alone; But I was wrong. By working together, we will connect the industrial world. And I believe that in collaboration, we will overcome IoT.»

Superman (superhero, and EGOS partner) regarding our adventure.


To serve various markets

eRTOSgener worked on hundreds use cases with +50 customers world renowned and Superman to develop a specific solution to succeed large scale IoT projects. Thanks to this collaboration, incubated by ercogener from 2015, eRTOSgener draft specifications for its super operating system.

Thanks to this force, we can offer a complete solution which meet the needs and requirements of the IoT industry.


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