Reasoned agriculture, connected agriculture, Agritech, which brings together digital and agriculture, is in full swing in France. Sustainable and profitable agriculture. Farmers are the most connected socio-professional category. Tele-relevance of the weather to prevent frosts, strewn with precision, The agricultural company as we know it today already uses connected objects in the production process, and this to produce more and better. We are only at the beginning of a roboticization of agriculture

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Smart City – Smart Building

Smart City, refers to a city that uses information and communication technologies (ICTs) to “improve” the quality of urban services or reduce costs. These sectors are in need of home automation and require more sober energy-efficient equipment and energy management systems. That is where we can step in to help them put these solutions in place.


IoT and IIoT will transform the energy sector. Thanks to the Internet of Industrial Connected Things we will be able to have better management of our energy resources and actively fight global warming by achieving more respectful and reasoned behavior. It is also an environmental and societal issue that concerns us, and for which ZeKat Group and its subsidiaries wish to act positively.



Logistic et transportation

In today’s market, a smart business is a connected business. If this movement is gaining business, operational mobile devices and productivity-enhancing solutions, asset tracking to add visibility to processes and supply chains, or creating new data streams Adding sensors to plant floors, the need to simplify operations, data influencing work methods and process decisions, and the empowerment of mobile labour forces are key for today’s businesses.

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Specific growth-enhancing IoT technologies include Wi-Fi, security sensors, CCP (near field communication), and real-time location systems.

4.0 Industry

Industry 4.0 is the industry of the future, the industry of tomorrow, although the changes and developments are those of today. Industry 4.0 is growing in need for smart factories, automation and industrial robots. In addition to improved productivity, these innovations, to which eRTOSgener can contribute its know-how and assistance, also allow to bring more comfort to employees of the production lines.




For Defence, the innovative technologies that emerge with IoT could exponentially increase the number of connected objects in theatres of operation. These objects by passively and actively collecting information for a variety of purposes can be an inflection point in the conduct of operations. If a technological advance is not in itself a military advance, the meeting of a technical possibility and a relevant employment concept can be decisive. In the case of IoT, it is therefore the meeting of these two elements, usually primarily technological (accessible radio networks and technologies that offer a very efficient and reliable response to the specific communication needs of connected objects) , then only then military (which exploit the possibilities opened by this technology), which can give rise to a rupture. These innovative technologies that emerge with IoT must be used by Defence to control information and further accelerate intelligence and the tempo of operations.


The Internet of Things ( IoT) is the interconnection between the Internet and physical objects, places and environments. The name refers to an increasing number of objects connected to the Internet, thus enabling communication between our so-called physical goods and their digital existences. These forms of connections allow us to gather new masses of data on the network and thus new knowledge and forms of knowledge. Our integrated solutions including a rich and comprehensive IoT application library will be a great plus for companies that use our solutions. This bookstore, based on 40 years of IoT experiences, has all the features you need to create connected objects.