Our story

Lucio is the newborn tech start-up of Groupe ZeKat, and relies on +40 years of experience in IoT and M2M. The company was created to meet the needs and requirements of Industrial IoT. The aim is to provide a comprehensive and easy-to-use integrated toolchain for embedded systems to accelerate and secure IoT projects.

MY LUCIO comes from the need to solve three main topics while designing sustainable Industrial IoT devices :

1. How to ensure full portability on independant hardware architectures ?
2. How to remove connectivity white spot ?
3. How to save energy consumption ?

Convinced by these challenges, Pascal DENOEL started the project with a core team in 2015, then created eRTOSgener 2 years later. In 2021, Pascal DENOEL decided to boost customers projects success by expending solution with the creation of Lucio brand and its portfolio. Lucio proposes MY LUCIO, a reusable software component-based Framework for Industrial IoT ecosystem; LUCIO SCAP-LTP, an independent library set for secured global roaming for IoT applications and LUCIO IOT CONSULTING SERVICES, so customers can benefits of years of experiences and success.


Our mission

Lucio represents the will of Groupe ZeKat to open the IoT usage to the greatest number of developers. Meanwhile, providing a comprehensive and easy-to-use, integrated toolchain for secured IoT device conception without embedded systems development knowledge.

  • Be on time for your market with an industrial solution working as expected all along your offer lifetime
  • Reduce the Total Cost of Ownership of your solution
  • Benefit of premium support and services, so your team focus on your businesses

Our vision 

We wish Lucio would become European leader in IoT development thanks to significant investments over the last 4 years.

Groupe 1395

To complete our mission, we want to develop a dynamic ecosystem that brings developers and industrial partners. Together, we want to succeed large scale IoT projects. That is the adventure we offer ! Working as a company extension, this open and active community allows each other to benefit many skills brought together, with long–term perspectives.

In the meantime, we want to maintain our independence from hardware, embedded applications and the cloud. Lucio will promote the French knowledge AND ensure a data sovereignty and devices’ functionalities which will be more connected in the world.

If you are also interested in the IoT’ conquest, if you want to join our adventure, feel free to contact us !

Our values

« We are a bold and committed group who aim at performance with humility »

Pascal Denoël - CEO of ZeKat Group and entrepreneur explorer


We know that a great adventure is only written with a collective and that individual dreams are made possible only by working together. We wanted to succeed thanks to our partners, our customers, our employees, and all those who will be committed to us to keep our promise of performance. We are aware that today we will succeed together ! 


We dare, at our own risk, to dare to reach the heights. Because even if we can get lost on the way, or that it is strewn with ambush, it is also possible to reach its dreams and ambitions if one believes it ! 


We are convinced that to sustain our adventures we must always seek excellence. We are therefore seeking to make our solutions the most efficient in achieving their mission. 


Humility, because if we have ambitions and we are going to reach them we know that we will have to deal with many technical and human difficulties. And we do not yet know what will be the meetings and the springs that will make us overcome these obstacles. 


To believe it, you have to be engaged. We are engaged and in many ways. Committed to our mission, that of providing a complete solution meeting the requirements of the industry. In our actions, that of giving the best of ourselves, of moving our limits to reach our own peaks. Committed to our partners because we made them a promise. 

Our team


Now it’s time to write few words about our team: the brains of this project.

For the moment, 12 persons join Lucio. Laurent, Jérôme, Guillaume, Joris, Baptiste, Jarno are our 6 embedded systems engineers. Working in a happiness atmosphere, the team develops each parts of the solution. This babbling band is supervised by Mathieu, Technical Director of the Digital Business Unit. Eric, R&D and Product Manager, writes the MY LUCIO specifications. He is also specialized in technology watching and pilfer goodies on exhibitions. Mélanie, Business Developer IoT, is based in Montréal and develops the North America markets. Jean-François, Business Manager, is often the point of contact to establish new customers and setup our solutions on new markets. Virginie and Gaëlle, in charge of Communication and Marketing, present and communicate to the world the prodigious advances of our powerful solution. Ludovic, our Sales & Market’ Director manages relationships with our partners.

The team will be complete to develop our solution as demands and evolutions increase!