Our partnership with MikroElektronika



MIKROE is a fast-growing company that produces development toolchains for all major microcontroller architectures. Thanks to their commitment to excellent, reliable and fully equipped hardware and software products, their goal is to facilitate the work of engineers in the development of embedded systems.  

Convinced that the world is changing at a fast pace, they are determined to have a positive impact on it. Their product lines are designed to accelerate the development process, from proof of concept to fast prototype and MVP.  

OUR COLLABORATION eRTOSgener x  MikroElektronika

MikroElectronika offers a format of standard MikroBUS modules that enables interfacing with microcontrollers & microprocessors in a modular and easy way. The use of the MikroBUS standard allows the fast evolution of an electronic design without having to change the entire architecture.  

Convinced by this technology, we have integrated three MikroBUS spots on our EGOS Development Kit in order to offer our users the wide portfolio proposed by MikroElectronika (275 modules) and thus accelerate the embedded development of our ecosystem 

You will be able to quickly achieve a POC with up to 3 MikroE modules and check the functioning of your solution thanks to EGOS, before transforming it into a real industrial product in no time through the easy porting of EGOS !  

Through this business relationship between MikroElectronika and our superhero we are sure to  have a significant impact on the conquest of the IoT galaxy 

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