New recruit at eRTOSgener!

New team member, discover Matthias, his career, his missions, his passions!

Your Journey? 

I did a A level specialized in sciences and then the integrated prep of the ESEO, general engineering school in Angers and I am now for 3 years in the engineering cycle optional embedded systems. I am moving towards a PhD once my fifth year has been validated.

Why eRTOSgener?

The company is on a quest for continuous innovation and sought to open up to new approaches to development, eRTOSgener maintains a close relationship with the ESEO. They expressed their desire to open a research topic at the school. So the faculty shared the project with us, it was what I was looking for and I liked the company.

Which words would you pick if you had to describe the company in three words?

I would say ambition, perseverance and innovation

–  What are your assignments at eRTOSgener? 

To carry out my thesis in the Industrial Research Training Convention (CIFRE in French) on the topic of cyber security in IoT via a model-led approach. So I’m going to work mainly in research and development. At eRTOSgener we are interested in research on the modeling of embedded software delivery media, in model-led engineering (or MDE, Model Driven Engineering).

The objectives are:

– Study of the modelling of the operating system EGOS

– Study of modeling of safety requirements

– Study of the consideration of requirements during the development phases of the operating system (by transformation or model execution).

The first steps are to study the benefits and locks still present in this work in order to ensure continuity of validation of safety or safety properties throughout the development cycles.

– What are your passions and hobbies?
I really like music and singing. I was part of the Regional Master School of the Loire countries for 10 years, I play bass guitar and I am also interested in everything that is sound and lighting. I am also involved in an association that organizes workshops and training around music for 13-17 year olds.

What is your motto ? 

Euro …ahah ! (motto in French is the same world for currency)

So we can add humour to Matthias’s passions!