On Board to the Electronics Forum and the Embedded World Exhibition with EGOS ?

Grenoble Electronics Forum, the event dedicated to innovations and electronic solutions

Positive review on the presence of eRTOSgener at the Electronics Forum on Grenoble / SEPEM. The Grenoble region is the cradle of electronic manufacturing and at the heart of a very dynamic industrial and academic network in constant search of innovations in processes. We have had many constructive exchanges about the value of bringing our IoT Pack to this industrial world demanding intelligent and intelligent solutions that are not energy-intensive. A big thank you to the team of Minalogic and Cap’tronic for the animation of the IoT village.

Nuremberg’s Embedded World: The reference of the embedded despite a difficult context

Despite a somewhat shaken edition by the COVID-19, Embedded World is the trade show that intersects all the cores of the microprocessor manufacturer’s embedded with vertical solution and associated services. This edition was clearly focused on the autonomous vehicle part with increasingly efficient technologies but also left room for the world of MtoM and IoT, segments anchored in all solution providers.

My visit allowed me to dive into the heart of the embarkation sector, to take up the technical fundamentals, discover expectations and observe the strong dynamics of the RTOS market with more and more emphasis on the components: safety, low consumption and edge computing.

I was able to exchange with all types of players in the sector and initiate various discussions with a view to future integrations for the enrichment of the features of our IoT Pack!

Beautiful discussions and opportunities for our superhero EGOS! To follow all our events live, join us on LinkedIn and Twitter.