our superhero,
his powers


eRTOSgener worked on hundreds use cases with +50 customers world renowned and Superman to develop a specific solution to succeed large scale IoT projects. Thanks to this collaboration, eRTOSgener draft specifications for its super operating system 

This superhero is called EGOS. Its architecture has been thinking with focus on being the Captain Europe for IoT World.  Our solution is called EGOS, Remember it !  





  • Safe & Secure by design 
  • Modular & Layered architecture 
  • Process & Tasks partitioning 
  • Runtime processes’ guardians to constantly ensure the integrity
  • Inter-process communication through mailbox (no semaphore nor Mutex required)  
  • Mandatory Dynamic Memory allocation (including Garbarge collector) 
  • POSIX compatible 




  • Complete microcontroller peripheral support – GPIO, SPI, I2C, UART, FLASH, IRQ, Timers, etc. 
  • Many communication protocols (MQTTS / HTTPS / SMS / UDP / TCP / SMTP / COAP / LWM2M) 
  • Sensors and communication module support 

Drivers et BSP

  • Enhanced IoT-dedicated application library 
  • Complete set of utilities (multiple character format support, advanced positioning calculation functions, complex mathematical algorithms, advanced time & date calculation functions, etc.) 
  • Power management module for µC & board electrical consumption optimization. 
  • Main Cloud connector support (Orange LiveObjectsObjenious, AZURE, AWS, etc.) 
  • TST: Embedded test framework (available to customers)  


We already develop the heart of our superhero and its first superpowers: Drivers, features dedicated for IoT like network management services. We are ready for the next power’s generation with our partners and you ! 

Who’s better than our IoT League to insure the performance of our solution EGOS?